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LinkedIn Sales Navigator can make all the difference in your B2B sales strategy in today's competitive market. But how well are you utilising these tools?

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Investments in LinkedIn Sales Navigator should deliver a 312% ROI
through increased revenue and more efficient sales activities.

- Forrester Research 2023

What is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Audit?

SocialGen understands the pivotal role that Social Selling plays in modern B2B sales strategies. That's why we're excited to introduce our newest service offering: the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Audit.

Our complimentary Social Navigator Audit is designed to assess the proficiency of your sales team in utilising Sales Navigator, LinkedIn's powerful tool for Social Selling. Through a comprehensive analysis, we'll evaluate various aspects of your team's performance on Sales Navigator, including:

SocialGen LinkedIn Sales Navigator Audit
Establishing a professional brand
We'll review how effectively your team members are presenting themselves on their LinkedIn profiles and whether they're positioning themselves as trusted experts in your industry.
Identification of prospects
We'll assess your team's ability to identify and target potential leads within your target market using Sales Navigator's advanced search and filtering capabilities.
Engaging in meaningful conversations
We'll analyse the quality and effectiveness of your team's interactions with prospects, including message content, frequency, and responsiveness.
Building relationships
We'll examine how well your team uses content to nurture relationships with prospects and how they engage with their network, making meaningful connections that lead to long-term business opportunities.

How does it work?

Getting started with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Audit? is simple:

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    Fill out our brief registration form to express your interest in the audit.

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    Audit process

    Our team of experts will thoroughly review your Sales Navigator accounts and provide you with a detailed report highlighting strengths, areas for improvement, and actionable recommendations.

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    Upon completion of the audit, we'll schedule a consultation session to discuss the findings of the report and provide personalised guidance on optimising your social selling strategy.

  • 4

    Implementation support

    We'll be there to help you implement the recommended improvements, offering additional training and resources as needed.

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The key results are new customers wanting to connect with like-minded Cirrus employees to meet and start the nurturing process. The SocialGen team have been fantastic to work with. Communication is always vital; they provide regular meetings, email reminders, and help process leads, helping Cirrus's outcome. SocialGen welcomes feedback, walks with the client, and governs the experience for the outlined outcome.

Matt Shelley
Cirrus - Chief Technology Officer

The 1600+ new connections added to my LinkedIn profile have been high-quality C-Level connections relevant to our offerings. New connections have led to opportunity-based online or face-to-face meetings with the new prospects. The consistent thought-leadership posts have been engaging with our new and existing LinkedIn audience and have increased opportunities with prospects. The SocialGen portal is amazingly easy-to-use with up-to-date monitoring of the campaign. I highly recommend SocialGen to any company looking to use LinkedIn as an effective sales tool.

Gavin Hoffmann
Global Storage - Director of Sales and Marketing

SocialGen enabled us to connect to the people that really matter – not just by accounts, but by function, role and job level. The messaging and content really enabled us to tailor our approach so we could build authentic and organic engagement with each connection, well before we ever reached out to target prospects to request a Meeting. The advantage SocialGen offers is a well-designed process that converts connections into real Opportunities. No one offers the end-to-end campaigns that SocialGen does, and certainly none are as adaptable.

Wendy Lee
Senior Director Marketing APJ - Blue Prism